Time Is Running


pale greys
blanket the sky
worn through patches
exposes the deep blue
of what could be

I see you
across the water
faded, alone
no one living in your home
your eyes show me sadness
no sparkle or reflection in your glass
I wish I could walk through your front door
bringing with me many days of more
washing you with love
exposing colours that once was
I see you

I can reach across and touch you
there is tall grass
deep waters
wall of rocks
to climb
can you wait for me
will you survive another storm
wishing I could comfort you
to give you hope
to share with you my dreams
your chairs would be painted
the colours of the evening skies
your eyes would be bigger and brighter


a knife tearing through my skin
reaching my heart
looking at you so far across the bay
wondering, hoping,
trying not to feel defeated
still I can’t feel your smile
do you see me?
can you feel me across the way?
I love you more each day
please don’t let me go away

perhaps this is all there is
here, now, looking across
feeling with my heart and mind
holding in my tears
for they only release fears
I see the sun has located one of the holes
watching it sweep across the distant mountain
like a search light in a storm

one smile is all I ask
can you smile for me
if I touch your face
will you remember me
wait for me

for its me that sees you



2 thoughts on “Time Is Running

  1. I think that we can feel emotions from a place such as a house. This island is filled with floating memories. Must be experienced but not changed. this is my fear of the island that it will become a vacation hang out for the idle rich, famous and bored. / they will demand things that will be given to keep them happy. They will push off the island those that could not be pushed out before by resettlement. They will bring the property values up so much that it will make it impossible to afford for Islanders. So in the end it may not have been J.R. Smallwood it might just be progress? if we can call it that. This makes me sad.


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